Monthly Archives: October 2010

Email Marketing Built to Survive Inbox Bankruptcy

Inbox bankruptcy refers to a recent phenomenon whereby people finally decide to purge all their unread email messages due to a feeling of being overwhelmed by how far behind they are in acting on these messages. This means eliminating any cause of clutter and stress. It strikes fear into the… Read More »

Create A Brand Story For Profitability Ever After

I recently attended a seminar held by Melvin D. Nelson, co-author of Business Model Innovation. In his speech, Mel (yeah, we’re on a first name basis now) talked about the importance of business models, making sure the idea of the business made sense and it generates wealth for the company… Read More »

5ives: Bad Sending Habits for Email Marketing

We’ve already established that people are starting to hit the reset button on email. It’s probably for the best because I think we all receive notifications about companies we don’t care about or have lost their luster. Personally, email marketing is amazing – when it’s done right. It’s inexpensive, it… Read More »