I loathe the unintelligence of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” parodies in Christmas advertising. It’s as if poetry can only be used during one holiday for one event. I say we embrace the ebb and flow of poetic verse. Here’s what I mean.

#1 – A Haiku for New Year’s.

lose your winter coat
made from fast festive feasting
at Planet Fitness

#2 – A sonnet for Valentine’s Day

Cupid struck with arrows passion dipped
Into the lives of strangers met
With strong embrace of converging lips
How to remember? Not forget

In malleable gold the memory set
Her eyes widened like her smile
A solid stone, a promise kept
A journey taken mile by mile

Through every trend and every style
Hand and hand thick through thin
He loves her still like a child
With bursting sunshine from within

Her loving prince now a king thanks to that jewelers ring
A life of love and happiness. Wimmer’s thought of everything

#3 – A Limerick for St. Patrick’s Day

A pint of ale
Or by the pale
Save some green
If you buy from me
At Happy Harry’s Sale

#4 – A Diamante for Memorial Day

political, biased
fighting, winning, losing
time erodes heroes’ causes
returning, rebuilding, accepting
proud, patriotic

#5 – A Pantoum for the Fourth of July

Our forefather’s stood
against the beasts of tyrants
All for good
those renegade migrants

Against the beasts of tyrants
They marched against the red
Those renegade migrants
they were good as dead

They marched against the red
All for good
They were good as dead
Our forefather’s stood