Well, Absolute isn’t calling your BS, but we found an article by somebody else who is

The basic premise here is this: “What are your excuses for not doing email marketing?”

Common reasons to slack when it comes to email marketing:

  • You don’t think you have enough data for the people on your list to send them relevant email
  • You don’t have the right content to send to your list and audience
  • You don’t have enough resources to do the work

Bottom line – just get it done. Just do it. Stop making excuses. You are only hurting yourself by not embracing email marketing.

Look at it this way:

  • If you lack lots of data regarding the people on your list, don’t worry about targeting them with specifically relevant content.
  • If you lack content, just send what content you can come up with.
  • If you lack help and time, find somebody to help you out with the process of sending emails, or find a system that helps you do it yourself more easily.

Absolute Marketing Group can help you out if you are lost when it comes to email marketing, feel free to contact us if you need some help.