A recent article about the MSUM kiosk at West Acres. Absolute is glad that we were able to help provide a great mall presence for MSUM with the design of the kiosk.

From The Advocate:

As part of the new admission’s marketing strategy, MSUM has purchased a kiosk in West Acres Shopping Center.

The kiosk is intended to “continue to attract attention from the prospective student audience,” said Pat Staples, MSUM director of marketing. “The traffic at West Acres draws that high school (demographic) and it also draws from a pretty wide area.”

MSUM enlisted Absolute Marketing from Moorhead to help them tackle the problem of decreased admissions. Absolute came up with the concept for the kiosk and “when we checked with West Acres they only had one spot left,” Staples said.

“It is in between Victoria’s Secret and Pacific Sunwear, which is good placement for (students),” said Kristy Olsgaard of the marketing department.

The kiosk will have screens, posters and distribution materials that will be updated once a month. The two screens will be playing miscellaneous videos from across campus.

“(There is) no sound out there, so the video that we are playing has to be good visually,” Olsgaard said.

A second goal for this kiosk “would be just to give MSUM a presence,” Staples said. “We have been relying mostly on billboards in the past few years and this diversifies our presence.”

The contents will not only advertise the university but “try to promote all the theater events and community events that are held on campus,” Staples said. “We are inviting the rest of the campus to participate in this from a content point-of-view.”

The kiosk opened the Friday before Thanksgiving and will be open for the next 12 months. It will take at least that long to find out if it is helping.

“We are still looking for a way to measure the results, but between now and March or April it is going to get a lot of attention,” Staples said.