Insiders within Microsoft reveal Internet Explorer 9 for Mac

The announcement of Internet Explorer 9 by Microsoft has many users excited about the newest IE experience, but since Microsoft discontinued support for Macintosh computers with version 5.5, Mac users have been left out in the cold. Until now.

An inside source at Microsoft recently revealed that development for the Macintosh platform has been re-invigorated with Internet Explorer 9. “With the less-than-enthusiastic response to Firefox 3.5 by many Mac users…..we thought there was an opportunity for Internet Explorer to win back a large part of the browser market share by coming back to the Mac platform.”

“We also felt a real need by the Macintosh community for a browser with great technological features that fit their browsing experience….and we’re happy to fill that void with a product that has a great legacy for giving users what they want.”

An anonymous freelance Front-End Web Developer is excited about the prospect of IE’s return to the Mac. “Talk about job security! With IE9 coming out soon and IE6 still hanging on, I’ll have 4 versions of one browser to test (websites) for, but with IE9’s return to the Mac, I now have 5 versions! Add the recent Firefox upgrade debacles and all the other alternative browsers out there like Safari, Chrome, Camino, Flock, Opera, etc., and business is booming!”

Follow-up calls to Microsoft to confirm the IE9 for Mac rumor were inconclusive, but other sources indicate similar reports, raising the hopes of Mac-using closet-IE-fans everywhere.

It was revealed, however that this entire article is a hoax, so APRIL FOOLS, EVERYONE! ­čśë