Absolute is excited about the launch of The State of Energy Summit 2011 website. Hosted by The Chamber, the summit attracts the best and brightest in the energy sector. Absolute Marketing Group worked closely with The Chamber this past month to pull the website and other elements together. The result is an event that promises to push North Dakota and its energy sector into a new frontier as a global leader in energy policy and production.

The first phase of the event planning and brand development is complete. It took focus, collaboration, coordination and communication to turn everything around within the last month, but both Absolute and The Chamber are happy about the results.

“You all have been absolutely great to work with! I really can’t say enough good things about your entire organization. Your work was outstanding, your patience and persistence in keeping with the very short deadlines we had to work with was very appreciated, and a bonus on top of everything else is that you are a ton of fun to work with.” – Tracy Powell, Special Events Manager for The Chamber.

To learn more about The State of Energy Summit and why you should attend on August 17, 2011, visit the website. To see Absolute’s work on the project, well, visit the website and you’ll see that too.