Moorhead, MN – Marketing Advisors MacDalton Berns and Brian Meckler traveled to Chicago, Illinois for an Account Executive College on October 16-17. Here the Advisors honed their skills in various marketing disciplines including: strategic planning, research methodology determination and workflow process improvement.

These sessions included: “A Complete Guide to Account Service” and “Account Planning and Strategic Planning for Smaller Agencies.” The tactics presented were offered for “improving account service and retaining the accounts that are so important to long-term agency viability and growth.”

The seminar stressed the utmost importance of account planning, including the crucial day-to-day upkeep of account management. Berns and Meckler learned how to emulate the work of larger, international agencies by incorporating the step-by-step planning that has brought those firms great success. Keeping clients happy equals holding onto clients, but creative, proactive solutions are even better.

The entire seminar was focused on taking what was learned in the research process and implementing it directly into stellar marketing plans. In the past two months, Berns and Meckler have been certified in account management, and look forward to implementing improved client service levels in the new year.

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