What drives us every day to post about our lives and promote ourselves on social media?

 Is it the insatiable need to find out the news and be the first to tell? Is it the desire to connect with people on a deeper level? Or is it a chance to simply offer up our advice, opinion or something we’ve created and see how many people love it as much as we do?

There are tons of posts in social media every day, but you would be shocked at the number that start at the fingertips of a mobile user. So what does it all mean for you as a business owner or novice marketer? Everything.

1. It’s Major. Mobile Major.

There is a major misconception that mobile Web use happens mostly on the go, when people are on their way to and from work. But that is not the case. Mobile devices are commonly used in the home as second screens and at work to sneak a peek at social media.

But why are some businesses still hiding in the dark about it? Social media is everywhere. It’s a fascinating mode of communication and an exciting way to gain fans and pump up your business prospects. Companies are using it every day to amplify their business and every business should be using it every day if they’re not. From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Instagram, there are millions of potential Web users out there reading your posts or seeing your awesome retro-style photos and waiting….just…hoping…and waiting you’ll start sharing some more interesting tid-bits about your company.

2. Make Somebody ‘Appy

We love apps. We eat ‘em up. All kinds. To date the use of social media apps outrank all others and continues to rise. Apps make our lives easier. They’re these little perfect interactive square treats that take us to social media heaven.

And a lot of other people think so too. According to mediabistro.com, “In 2013, 36 percent of marketers have found a customer via Twitter, 43 percent using LinkedIn and more than half at 52 percent on Facebook.”

3. Oh, Hashtag It!

With today’s technology you’re bound to start seeing some cross-pollination. It has even led to things like using hashtags on Facebook. If you’re not up to speed don’t worry, we’ll do a quick review: hashtags are used on Twitter and when you click on one, like #hashtagsaresocool you’ll get a feed of comments using that exact string of words. Up until last Wednesday, June 12, companies and individuals have been posting hashtags on social media channels but have had no real functionality on Facebook, mostly they just do it to be cool. But now it finally works so #gityourFBhashtagon…

“I’m loving this new coffee house.” #soaddicting.” Post.

“Nothing like a frosty one on a hot summer day. #hangwithus” Post.

“Having a 2 for 1 sale…get ‘em while they last. #greatdayforadeal.” Post.

4. Talk it Up

Most small businesses, arts venues and non-profits can’t afford a large marketing budget so they spend most of their free time posting opportunities on their social networks. But to make it worth your effort, it’s best to hire a social media expert or at least have a plan. That way all of your messaging is coming from the same source for public relations, marketing, advertising and, of course, social media. This helps keep the message or campaign consistent.

As your fans and followers go about their day, it’s good to engage them in fun information about your industry or upcoming events and specials. Effective use of social media combines communication with customers, engaging content and most of all fun stuff to look at.

It’s so easy, let all your friends know – instantly. Social media cuts through the clutter. It’s more personal, casual and fun. Your customers feel a sense of ease and friendliness. Like they know you. The real you – without all the fluff. But remember to maintain your brand messaging and not to post too often. Too many tweets or status updates can turn fans away if the ideas aren’t focused on what’s new and interesting.

5. All Aboard!

There is no time like the present to jump on the mobile marketing and social media train. Time spent on mobile social media has skyrocketed in the last year. Socialmediatoday.com noted, “Mobile device users are five times more likely to abandon your website, if it is not optimized for mobile navigation.”

Users are getting pickier and more demanding about how they use the Web. There are more and more multi-platform digital users today than ever. Do you ever start watching TV on your desktop via Hulu.com while shopping on your smartphone? You’re not alone. And that is why multiple devices mean more opportunities for your messages to hit those multiple screens. So if you haven’t looked into Responsive Web Design, aka designs that work for smartphones, it’s a good idea to make the call today. Here at Absolute, we can help you with anything from mobile optimization to social media strategy, including how to get the two moving down the same track.

So there’s just one more question to ask – #whatareyouwaitingfor?