They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, what happens when you take that picture and add animations, video, voice-overs and any other interactive piece of info you can think of? Now you’ve got a marketing tool that can accomplish just about anything.

Infographic videos are the Swiss Army Knives of sales and marketing videos. If a client comes to me and needs to explain a complex (or maybe just confusing) business process to their prospects and customers, an infographic video is typically at the top of my list of recommendations. In the ever complex world of online marketing, e-commerce and software as a service, getting people to understand what you’re selling and why it’s better than the competition is critical to sales success. Your website needs to have all of the relevant info about your product, so people can make purchasing decisions on their own. Whether the clock says 2:00PM or 2:00AM, your website needs to have this info at the ready.

But wait, there’s a huge problem! People are impatient and, even worse, they’re lazy! So if they’re not going to click around and search for info, an infographic video can be the perfect solution to take users step-by-step through your sales pitch. Here are five things to think about when considering whether an infographic video is right for you:

1. The power of video is immense! According to Google, online videos account for more than 50% of mobile traffic and users spend up to 88% more time on websites that have video. Now that you have them in your grasp…give them something good!

2. Is your product innovative, complex or confusing? If so, an infographic video allows you to explain your process step-by-step. If you’re selling a product or service online, you can “float” from one page to the next and use animation and sub-videos to drill into specific elements with greater detail.

3. Are you trying to tell a story? Infographic videos are like a book, website, documentary and motion picture all wrapped up in one. Take the best parts of each one (hint: what works for you won’t work for everyone) and tell your story in a highly interactive and engaging way.

4. Infographic videos are extremely helpful, which means they are more likely to get shared. When your content gets shared it creates more buzz about your brand and generates more traffic to your website, which directly correlates to increased leads and sales.

5. Do you have a hard time conveying the actual “personality” of your brand? Infographic videos are the perfect solution to add a fun, light-hearted element to a product that is considered serious or to give credibility to a brand that is regarded as boisterous and amusing.

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