Written by Michael McGuire: Client Relations Intern

With all of the changes taking place in the TV world, we can see one big trend. The traditional approach to TV advertising is changing. Every day people are unhooking their TVs from cable and switching to an online streaming option like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBOgo, and the list goes on. What does this mean for traditional TV advertising? Well there is still room surrounding local news and other free channels, but here are a couple of tips to ensure your business is ready for the shift.

  1. Online Videos – Placing ads at the beginning of videos on YouTube is one way to reach your audience. Users can skip your video unless you shell out some extra cash. So how can you combat that? Your videos need to capture the viewer’s attention almost immediately. You need to either find a way to incorporate your most important message into the first few seconds of your ad, or use an emotional appeal that will grab their attention and get them to stick around. Using humor is usually the best way to accomplish this.
  1. Streaming Services – As mentioned before, there are a number of television and movie streaming services on the market that are taking over the traditional television format. While Netflix does not show any signs of allowing external advertising in the near future, a quick perusal of hulu.com/advertising shows that not only do they show external ads, they also offer extra tools to help you advertise effectively on their site. It can be beneficial to look into other popular streaming services as well.
  1. Mobile Compatibility – In addition to the afore mentioned streaming services, sites like YouTube have benefited from advances in mobile technology. In fact, according to smartinsights.com, mobile phone/smartphone browsing accounts for 80 percent of ALL internet traffic. Needless to say, if your video ad is not compatible with mobile devices, you’re going to miss out on reaching a large number of your target audience. In this ever-changing era of technology, compatibility is key.
  1. Analytics – If you decide to roll out a video campaign, make sure that you keep track of your analytics. Websites are constantly improving their analytics so you can gather statistics to measure the success of your campaign and make sure you’re reaching your target audience. Check to see how many viewers are watching the whole video. Keep track of how many viewers click on the ad. This type of data will help you determine if your campaign is effective or needs a little tweaking.
  1. Storytelling – Good storytelling is the most important component of a successful video. No one wants to listen to someone drag on and on about their product. Keeping viewers engaged is key to keeping their attention and conducting a successful campaign. This Volkswagon Star Wars Ad and this Dollar Shave Club Ad are both great examples of engaging videos that tell great stories.

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