For years, homeowners from Minnesota and North Dakota have chosen Platinum Homes to help custom build dream homes for their families. Owners Matt and Ben Orner, along with their construction team have over 50 years of building experience. Platinum homes provides several different layouts for their customers including; the Calloway, the Bloomington, the Albany, and the Avery. With a plethora of design features, Platinum Homes exceeds their customer’s expectations.

Matt Orner believes Platinum Homes biggest accomplishment so far is the success they had last year. “I would say our biggest accomplishment yet is the 35 homes we built last year. We are on pace for even more this year.”

The videos that Absolute created for Platinum Homes last year are excellent examples of how to keep a consistent feeling throughout the video spots that you create, regardless of the platform that they are presented on. For example, compare this video we made to promote Platinum’s custom homes in general, with this video we made to promote the Calloway layout in particular. Notice that both use a similar panning style shot with very tranquil music. These videos can be found both on their website as well as their YouTube channel, maximizing exposure.

Now compare those videos to this testimonial video. Notice that even though the testimonial video features an interview unlike the others, it still has many similar elements. It uses the same tranquil music and has the same overall feel to it. This video was actually used as a TV spot in addition to being on YouTube and their website.

“The videos that Absolute created really helped get our name out there. We have always surrounded ourselves with smart reliable people and businesses, and Absolute is definitely one of them. Easy to work with,” said Orner.

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