Written by Nick Olson: Client Relations Intern

In Luke’s article this month, he focuses on a few aspects of design and strategy for websites. When starting a business, you will want to have a solid website that will work in your favor. Website development should be strategically geared towards your consumer. If your consumer doesn’t find what they’re looking for, your website isn’t going to be effective. Here are five tips for organizing the creation of your website:

  1. Websites Should Cater to the Users
    When considering the strategy behind your website, keep the customer in mind. Whether your site is designed for merchandise or just to inform, you will want the visitor to easily be able to find what they need. Luke mentioned in the article that you will want to think about the kind of people you’ll be reaching and what they’re trying to accomplish by visiting your website. We call this “developing consumer personas.” Sometimes what you want on your site may not be the same as what your customers want. Just remember the website is for them, not for you.
  1. Keep Consistent Visual Branding
    Who is going to be viewing this? Tailor your website to who you think will be visiting. Visuals on your site might include photography, icons, different color schemes and emotions. It’s up to you to decide what colors and photos to use on your page, depending on what you think will best reach your target market. The overall image and feel of your site should accurately portray that of your company as it may be the first thing potential customers see.
  1. Create Concise Content
    One of the most crucial aspects of creating a website is the content and the messaging. When a visitor actually reads the text on your site, it is very important to have a concise and clear message that engages their interest. Copy should be straight to the point since you don’t have long to catch their attention. The visuals and the copy should work cohesively to guide visitors through your site and leave a positive impression.
  1. Your Site Should Help Pursue Your Business Goals
    Creating a website is a great tool to help achieve company goals. It’s very important to keep these goals in mind while making or improving your website. You do not want to create a website that has no purpose. You will just create frustration and it will not help you in any way. What you want to do is inform potential customers of what exactly it is that your company can do for them; this is what reels them in. Are you trying to sell products on your site? Are you trying to generate leads? Your business goals should be a main priority in website development.
  1. Develop Ideal Features to Work Towards
    Sit down with your employees and have a brainstorm session to evaluate what website features to incorporate. As technology advances, more and more creative web features are becoming possible. After getting a solid list of ideal features together, figure out which items on that list can be realistically obtained. Start out with the basic essentials. Websites can always be added to and improved upon.

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