Lake Agassiz Development Group has been dedicated to helping small businesses and communities in North Dakota thrive for more than 40 years. The organization offers a variety of lending programs to help ambitious entrepreneurs and community leaders reach their economic goals. By helping local businesses and startups secure government grants and small business loans, LADG is helping fuel local economies and create stronger communities.

LADG Executive Director Amber Schaan says the organization’s greatest accomplishment has been its ability to help so many businesses in various industries obtain funding and achieve success. “Every project that our support or funding helps bring to fruition is an accomplishment. Our loan portfolio is more extensive than I think people realize. Currently we have over $30 million in active loans,” said Schaan.

LADG partnered with Absolute Marketing Group to help develop their message and reach their audience. We created a new logo for them and most recently, we worked with them to develop a new website. “Absolute was wonderful to work with! Their team helped us sift through all of our organizations and programs to come up with a much more concise, consistent message. Our website is much more navigable now with the customer in mind. A perfect new logo didn’t hurt either. I would recommend Absolute to anyone. They really dove in and took the time to learn about our business and give us exactly what we needed,” Schaan said.

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