Kreat Coaching and Consulting is a new firm in Alexandria, Minnesota started by two experienced life coaches: Jessica Boyer and Sonja Kuhn. Their mission is to help people identify their strengths and reach their full potential by offering life and career coaching for individuals, businesses and schools. Kreat utilizes Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Bio-Individuality to develop customized progress plans that help people make strategic choices to improve their emotional and physical wellness and reach the goals they hope to attain.

Kreat began working with Absolute Marketing Group in November of last year to help them officially launch as a company early this year. “Since launching in February we have seen a continual, steady work flow! It is exciting, yet there is still so much potential for growth,” said Jessica Boyer, Kreat Owner/Coach and Consultant. “It has been so rewarding to watch firsthand the shifts happening for our clients. One of our highest priorities is creating an inviting space where clients are able to make deep, lasting change. The ability to authentically connect with individuals as well as work teams allows them to feel comfortable. And as the information and awareness starts to sink in, that is when we see clients experience real change.”

Absolute created various marketing materials and developed a website for Kreat. “We felt a website was a definite must have, like a storefront,” said Boyer. “We needed a professional website that would speak to our personalities, combining a playful spirit with a professional approach to the work. Knowing the importance of first impressions, we wanted a website that would be professional, and invoke a sense of trust in the quality of our work, which is reflected in the quality of our website.”

“We absolutely love Absolute’s team approach to working with clients,” said Boyer. “Anthony did an amazing job helping us develop our copy/content, a place we felt stuck. We also LOVE the creative design of the site, again, combining playful creativity and a professional presence. We look forward to developing a long-lasting partnership with Absolute as we continue to grow.”

Be sure to check out Kreat’s website at

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