Dave Erickson is the owner of four local bars in the Fargo-Moorhead area: Bulldog Tap, Red Hen Taphouse, Hennessy’s Irish Pub and Dave’s Southside Tap. At each of these establishments, Dave’s passion for creativity, community and great food is evident, and he knows the importance of being unique in order to stand out in the area’s highly-competitive bar scene.

To aid in this mission, Absolute has provided multiple services for each of Dave’s establishments, including: scriptwriting, video production, photography, media buying and – most recently – coaster and menu design for Bulldog Tap and Red Hen Taphouse.

Designing for a bar allows us to be a bit more entertaining and edgy, ” said Scott Raffath, art director at Absolute. “I approached these designs from that perspective while working to give each bar a fresh look and feel.

Take a moment to check out our coaster and menu designs below, and if your business is in need of graphic design services, please give us a call at 701-478-1111 and ask to speak with a Marketing Advisor, or visit absolutemg.com/contact. Our team of professional designers can’t wait to get started.