By Karlee Phillips: Client Relations Intern

In Cam’s article “Facebook: The Untold Truths,” he focuses on the many pros and cons of Facebook advertising and how it can impact a business. Facebook advertising has evolved over the course of time and is becoming increasingly popular due to its diverse and inexpensive nature. Here are five points to consider that will help you decide if Facebook is the right advertising avenue for your business.

  1. Cost Effectiveness – One way to maximize your ad dollars on Facebook is to take advantage of its A/B testing capabilities. What this means is Facebook gives businesses the option to create two versions of an ad and run each for a specific amount of time and then compare which version does better. After you have determined which is better, it’s wise to only run the version that garnered the most impressions, likes and engagements. Much of this has to do with your target market… but that’s the next point.
  2. Pinpointing Target Markets – As Cam mentioned, Facebook does a phenomenal job of allowing a business to get specific in choosing who the advertisement will be shown to based on various demographics. Another avenue to expand how your ads pinpoint your target market is through post boosting, which does add costs to your campaign but this feature guarantees visibility within your target market. If you decide post boosting is a good strategy for your business, one best practice to keep in mind is letting the post gain some momentum with “organic reach” first so you know it will continue performing.
  3. Blindspot ContentA disadvantage that is associated with Facebook advertising is the content can very easily be buried in the vast amount of content that is continuously clogging up users’ timelines. A way to avoid your ad being missed is to make it interesting and bold. If your ad is something that simply cannot go unnoticed, the likelihood of your impressions and “Likes” will drastically increase.
  4. LimitationsLike other advertising platforms, Facebook has restrictions that businesses must abide by. Specifically, the word count restriction that is put in place for advertisements can be an extreme annoyance to some because they would feel as if they’re unable to get their entire message across to consumers. A way to overcome this restriction is to make sure every word you’re placing on the advertisement has “earned” its spot.
  5. Whether It’s Right for YouAlthough advertising and setting marketing goals is extremely important to any successful business, deciding whether Facebook advertising is right for you is the first question to ask yourself. If the answer is yes, then answering what you want to gain from an advertising campaign is the second step. Due to Facebook’s outstanding monthly user count capping in at at over two billion people, it allows the possibility for businesses to reach an immense amount of people regionally or nationwide.

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