The North Dakota Farm Bureau is a member organization that is dedicated to enhancing the livelihood of all North Dakota individuals, families and communities by advocating for agriculture, North Dakota’s largest, most important economic sector. The organization has more that 27,000 members and 50 organized county Farm Bureaus.

“This year, NDFB celebrated 75 years of service to our members,” said Dawn Smith-Pfeifer, director of content and communications at the North Dakota Farm Bureau. “We have a steadfast belief in freedom, opportunity and self-reliance and work to make sure agriculture remains strong and thriving in our state.”

The North Dakota Farm Bureau recently approached Absolute for the creation of an explainer video that illustrated the benefits of farm bureau membership. “We thought it would be helpful to have a short, fun informational piece to show to potential farm and ranch members with the idea that, by belonging to NDFB, we could save them time because we could provide the voice for them to speak out on issues that are important to them and to their future,” said Smith-Pfeifer. “Since it was our first explainer video, we weren’t sure how effective it would be, but Absolute went through the process with us and they made it easy for us to highlight the points that would help share our story.”

Absolute decided to approach the explainer video with animation to help bring the North Dakota Farm Bureau’s brand to life while simultaneously highlighting the legislative support, educational materials and financial benefits farmers and ranchers can find as members. Production services for the explainer video included script writing, animation and graphic development and voiceover and music bed production.

“Absolute was great to work with,” said Smith-Pfeifer. “Even when we needed to change out voice talent, Wendy and the crew were on-the-ball and helped us find just the right voice for the project. With Absolute’s help, we were able to make a compelling and information-packed video to explain to potential members what we are all about. And we did it in just over a minute and a half.”

Take a moment to view the North Dakota Farm Bureau’s new video below and if you like what you see and hear, please give us a call at 701-478-1111 and ask to speak with a Marketing Advisor, or contact us at to get started on an explainer video of your own.