Red Pine Distillery is a craft distillery based out of Grand Forks, North Dakota that handcrafts ultra-premium distilled spirits from crops grown in the Red River Valley. Tyler Seim, founder of Red Pine Distillery and a chemical engineer by trade, says his business was born out of his passion for cultivation and chemistry with the simple mission of taking locally grown ingredients and crafting fine spirits as Minnesotan as the Norwegian red pine.

“The biggest accomplishment has been releasing our first product, Sugar Beet Vodka, into the market,” Tyler said. “It is distilled with raw sugar beets and sugar beet molasses produced in the Red River Valley. It was a long, but exciting journey getting it launched, but we believe we’ve perfected our process to craft a top-shelf vodka that can please even the most refined palate.”

Tyler approached Absolute with his business name, logo and the desire to start a line of distilled spirits. To set a strong marketing foundation, Absolute began researching the state of the industry by examining nationwide and local trends, interviewing industry experts, conducting a competitor analysis and defining target markets, which formulated Red Pine’s GoToMarket strategy.

“The research Absolute gathered was great,” Tyler said. “The team really did their homework looking into what makes the distilled spirits industry work and put together a great plan.”

Once the GoToMarket strategy was finalized, Absolute went to work on brand standards, slogan development, ad creation, website development, bottle design and label development while Tyler went to work on refining and manufacturing his first product.

“I’ve been very happy with Absolute’s services overall,” Tyler said. “Being a new business and a new business owner, they were great at guiding me through the whole process.”

In addition to Red Pine Sugar Beet Vodka, be on the lookout for Red Pine gin, whiskey and bourbon in the future.

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