Absolute Marketing Group Hires Anthony Chaput as Content Strategist

Absolute Marketing Group

Absolute Marketing Group recently hired Anthony Chaput to take on the duties of content strategist. Chaput has a Bachelor of Arts from North Dakota State University where he majored in public relations and advertising, with a minor in management communications. As content strategist, Chaput is responsible for writing content for websites, audio and video scripts … Read More

Client Spotlight: Applied Engineering

Absolute Marketing Group

Applied Engineering is an engineering and technology firm dedicated to providing quality, customized services and tools to fit its customers’ needs. With nearly 30 years of industry experience, the company combines talent, technology and adaptability to meet any and all engineering and IT needs. Applied Engineering is an employee-owned company, which means each and every … Read More

The 5ives: Project Triage – Dealing with Web Crises

Earlier this month, Absolute Marketing Group’s web programmer, Becky Resler, had the opportunity to attend the Midwest PHP Conference in Minneapolis. The annual conference, started in 2012, draws web and coding gurus from around the globe. For two days, presenters share their experiences, knowledge and expertise on any and all things web and software related … Read More

Take-Aways from the Midwest PHP Conference

This past weekend, March 14 – 15, I had the pleasure of attending the Midwest PHP Conference in Minneapolis. While this was a PHP conference, coding wasn’t the only topic discussed. The opening keynote by Joe Devon (@joedevon) covered the topic of accessibility. The statistics regarding the number of websites that aren’t accessible are sad. … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Hires Lindsey Mancini and Garrett Foltz as Marketing Assistants

Absolute Marketing Group has selected Lindsey Mancini and Garrett Foltz to join the team and take on the duties of marketing assistant. Both Mancini and Foltz have bachelor’s degrees from Minnesota State University Moorhead, with Mancini majoring in film studies with a minor in mass communications, and Foltz majoring in mass communications with an emphasis … Read More

Client Spotlight: PATH Inc.

Last month, Absolute Ma rketing Group was in the process of creating a new website for PATH Inc. This non-profit child and family placing agency is a community based behavioral health organization with a rich history of family values and quality service. Absolute proudly launched PATH’s new website – pathinc.org. The new website is designed to … Read More

The 5ives: Why the Content-First Approach is Taking Over

As a consumer, would you say that most of the ads you are exposed to from day-to-day interrupt you, annoy you or are irrelevant to you? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. A poll from marketingcharts.com reveals that 58 percent of American consumers are annoyed by ads for products and services they don’t … Read More

Strategy: Content Planning Tweak Makes Room for Innovation

I’ve been noticing a “Content-First” trend with our 2015 campaigns. In its simplest form, here’s the traditional disciplined approach to marketing campaign planning: Step #1:  Research Your Audience Step #2:  Pick Your Channels to Reach That Audience, Allocate Investment Step #3:  Develop Your Content to Fit the Channels During a few of our 2015 collaborations … Read More

Client Spotlight: PATH Inc.

PATH Inc. of North Dakota was built on a foundation of strong family values. Since this non-profit child and family placing agency extended their services to the Peace Garden State in 1994, they have been dedicated to strengthening and bringing families together. Their quality services are devoted to the safety and happiness of the foster … Read More

The 5ives: Power of Infographic Videos in Sales and Marketing

Absolute Marketing Group

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, what happens when you take that picture and add animations, video, voice-overs and any other interactive piece of info you can think of? Now you’ve got a marketing tool that can accomplish just about anything. Infographic videos are the Swiss Army Knives of sales and … Read More