Absolute Awarded Best of Show

Absolute Marketing Group took home the night’s most coveted award at the American Advertising Federation of North Dakota’s ADDY Awards in February. The annual ADDY awards is part of a three-tier competition aimed at awarding the very best in creative advertising. Absolute received this prestigious award at the local competition which covers the entire state … Read More

5ives: Tips to Turn an Internship into a Job

I’ve spent the last three years supervising interns at our shop and regardless of what aspect of advertising they wish to participate in, the answer to “why are you taking this unpaid position?” is the same. “I want experience.” they say aglow with a response the employer wants to hear. In reality, you don’t want … Read More

Printing Under Pressure. Quick Tips for Quick Runs

OK, hot shot, you need 5,000 brochures in the next 7-10 business days for a trade show in Saskatoon. Your boss says it better be unique, jazzy and cheaper than last year’s. Your move. What are you going to do? The clock’s ticking. First of all, don’t run immediately over to your Publisher Software and … Read More

5ives: Simple Ways to Promote Your New Website

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t believe in the value of a website and the importance of having an online presence. However, many of those same individuals still believe that once a website is live, that site will promote itself. With increased competition online, it’s important that you market your website in … Read More

Google Index of Twitter Feeds a Nuisance

This blog is totally off the dome, and while I’m afraid to say it, may not be the most factual. That said, I’m still not going to research all the information. “And why, Jason, won’t you research information for your blog?” I’ll tell you why, rhetorical question, because I can’t handle searching Google when it indexes … Read More

Absolute Truth: Special Holiday Edition

Whew, what a year! Those seasons really sneak up on you. It’s hard to encapsulate 2010 into a single story or message. Instead, we’ll sum up the year the only way we know how – with holiday pun headlines! O Holy, Crap!  (Why Thank You!) Absolute Marketing Group was fortunate to receive several awards this … Read More