Quantum Leap: Business to Business Copywriting

Writing copy for business-to-business communications is like living an episode of Quantum Leap. You wake up in the body of a salesman working in an industry you don’t really know and have to complete certain objectives before you get to go home. It’s thrilling. It’s terrifying. It’s rewarding. To organize this article, I’ve broken it … Read More

5ives: Ways to Save Money on Graphic Design Costs

Balancing creative impact with media exposure has been a battle in every shop since the dawn of modern advertising. In our industry, we’ve even picked teams – suits versus creatives. It’s no secret that high-end graphic design adds professionalism and polish to any marketing piece. Work of that caliber takes time. And when time equals … Read More

Manually Install php on WampServer

In my last blog post, I said that I like having a development environment on my computer (running Windows 7). I use WampServer to do this. I especially like that WampServer allows you to have multiple versions of php (and MySQL and Apache) installed. You can switch between versions in the WampServer menu on the … Read More

Making SQL Server 2008 and php Play Nice

I like having a local development environment when I’m working on new or existing projects. This means that if I blow something up, it’s just on my local machine and not on either the staging server or (God forbid) the live server. It’s an added level of sanity for me (I can revert back to … Read More

Intervention: Copywriting in Texting and Social Media

Enough y’all.  I can no longer idly stand by while my fellow Millenials bastardize our language in social media and in text communications. I’m a writer,  which means I probably love wordplay as much as anything else. But don’t let my yearning for the return of the pun or applause for abundant alliteration sway you … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Announces Hiring of Media Buyer

Moorhead, MN – Absolute Marketing Group announces the hiring of Tiffanie McLean as media buyer. McLean’s responsibilities include planning advertising campaigns, media strategies and purchasing ads for clients’ businesses. McLean, 35, is a native of Fargo. Before joining Absolute Marketing she spent her past five years working as the production manager and account manager at … Read More

Post Date Calendar Style for WordPress Thematic Child Theme

Working with the Thematic framework for WordPress can be really fun, especially when you have the freedom to use filters on the meta information for posts to style your post date to look like a calendar. What it looks like originally: The result after some filtering and styling: Goal: Modify a child-theme of Thematic to … Read More