Absolute Marketing Recognized for Excellent Customer Service

West Fargo, N.D. – The West Fargo Area Chamber of Commerce has recognized Absolute Marketing Group in Moorhead, Minnesota, as a finalist for their Over the Top Customer Service award for 2010. Absolute Marketing Group has worked with nearly 400 customers over the past four years and prides itself on offering great customer service to … Read More

Your Time is Money?

There is a shift from mass advertising strategies to finely targeted and interactive strategies, according to one of Wall Street’s most influential trackers of the media industry, Lauren Rich Fine, analyst for Merrill Lynch. Fine describes the current state of media planning as a “polarization between targeting and mass reach,” and I think she’s right … Read More

Why hire a media planner to plan your advertising budget?

Everyone talks about return on investment (ROI) and making marketing investments more accountable. A media planner can help you by providing operational efficiencies and allowing you to do more with less human resources. A good media planner will launch your advertising campaign from inception to execution. The process involves: planning, research, pricing, ordering, confirming, writing, … Read More

The Right Way to setup a Facebook Fan Page – in 3 Easy Steps

As many people have unfortunately found out, there’s a wrong way to setup a Facebook Fan Page for your business. Case in point: Your business partner uses their personal Facebook Profile to setup a Fan Page for your business. They’re the Creator of that Fan Page, and can grant your Facebook Profile (you) administration rights. … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Wins Award at Regional Advertising Competition

Minneapolis, MN – After winning 19 awards at the American Advertising Federation of North Dakota ADDY competition, one entry from Absolute Marketing Group won a silver ADDY award in the District 8 competition in Minneapolis. District 8 is comprised of clubs from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Absolute had seven gold entries that … Read More

Twenty Years Later

The year was 1988. America was watching the Huxtables and listening to INXS, bracing themselves for what Guns N’ Roses would bring. Shoulder padded suits, acid washed jeans and Aqua Net rounded out the remainder of the day. The face of advertising stood in simple and archaic terms by today’s standards. Then, graffiti was used … Read More

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Surveys show that a growing amount of Americans regard advertising as an annoyance at best. Consumers may have forgotten that it’s advertising that has subsidized news and entertainment for decades providing radio and television content for free. Newspapers and magazines charge for content but the circulation income doesn’t come close to paying for the production … Read More

5ives: .what? Domain Name Extensions

Since Al Gore first invented the Internet, um, since the Internet’s infancy, the domain name extension .com has been the standard for nearly all websites. Because so many .com domain names have been purchased over the decade, many companies are switching to a different domain name extension rather than jumbling up the company name to … Read More

The Forecast for Brainstorms is Partly Cloudy

Companies have used brainstorming sessions as a tool to create “original” marketing ideas for decades. To be original, you must be first. Originality is the mark of an innovative company and is the wind in a successful marketing campaign. However, workplace habits and trends are eroding the benefits of true brainstorming. The forecast for original … Read More