Showhorse vs. Workhorse

At the end of the day, what matters in the advertising agency isn’t glamour versus grindstone; it’s the output–the ability to further the clients we serve. Large agencies have the flash; small agencies have the focus. Here are some quick insights to how agencies justify and develop cost. Not all of us play pool at … Read More

What’s The Deal With .MOBI?

Do you need to use a .MOBI domain name to get the most out of your mobile web site? The answer isn’t crystal clear. First of all, if you simply want to protect your brand across many different versions of Top Level Domains (TLD’s) then you should consider registering the .mobi version of your domain … Read More

Marketing to your Existing Customers

You’ve spent good money to draw consumers into your business. The designers and marketing professionals you may have worked with talked at length about branding, building and maintaining your company image. At last, droves of customers pile into your business. Now what? To not appear false, your business needs to match the image you worked … Read More

Coming to a Mac near you – Internet Explorer 9

Insiders within Microsoft reveal Internet Explorer 9 for Mac The announcement of Internet Explorer 9 by Microsoft has many users excited about the newest IE experience, but since Microsoft discontinued support for Macintosh computers with version 5.5, Mac users have been left out in the cold. Until now. An inside source at Microsoft recently revealed … Read More

Why Blog?

Need a low-cost Web presence? You might want to consider a blog. Blog. It’s an Internet buzzword/phenomenon. Google the word “blog” and you’ll get over two billion results returned. Everyone’s talking about them, and it seems everyone’s got one. But what good are they to your small business or organization? You might be surprised to … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Launches School Daz, Inc. Website

Absolute Marketing Group is proud to announce the launching of, the new website of School Daz, Inc. School Daz, Inc. designs and installs playgrounds for elementary schools across the United States.  Two things set School Daz, Inc. apart from competitors in the playground industry. First, School Daz, Inc. designs or customizes playgrounds to increase … Read More

Attract Prospects to your Trade Show Display

Trade shows are tremendous opportunities to attract new prospects for the organizations that choose to make their booth space magnetic. A magnetic space should attract customers, not repel them. Here are a few positive charge areas to explore to make the most of your booth space investment and networking time commitment. PLAN AHEAD Sounds easy, … Read More

How to Build a Successful Brand

Your brand’s value is directly related to your balance sheet that’s why customer relationships are such a valuable asset. How a customer feels about your products, people and company makes up your brand image. Why is a Strong Brand Valuable? Getting noticed is getting harder. Companies with strong brands get noticed by showing they understand … Read More