Absolute Marketing Group Launches School Daz, Inc. Website

Absolute Marketing Group is proud to announce the launching of www.factorydirectplaygrounds.com, the new website of School Daz, Inc. School Daz, Inc. designs and installs playgrounds for elementary schools across the United States.  Two things set School Daz, Inc. apart from competitors in the playground industry. First, School Daz, Inc. designs or customizes playgrounds to increase … Read More

Attract Prospects to your Trade Show Display

Trade shows are tremendous opportunities to attract new prospects for the organizations that choose to make their booth space magnetic. A magnetic space should attract customers, not repel them. Here are a few positive charge areas to explore to make the most of your booth space investment and networking time commitment. PLAN AHEAD Sounds easy, … Read More

How to Build a Successful Brand

Your brand’s value is directly related to your balance sheet that’s why customer relationships are such a valuable asset. How a customer feels about your products, people and company makes up your brand image. Why is a Strong Brand Valuable? Getting noticed is getting harder. Companies with strong brands get noticed by showing they understand … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Wins 19 ADDY Awards at Statewide Competition

Absolute Marketing Group won 19 total awards at the 2009 ADDY awards Friday, February 26th. The four-year-old firm walked away with 7 gold awards, 11 silver awards and a Judge’s Choice Award. The number of gold awards and total awards was the second most awarded to a company in the competition. Judge’s Choice Non-Traditional Panchero’s … Read More

Social Media vs Traditional Media FAQs

At a recent presentation on the importance of social media, members of the audience asked some valuable questions regarding the balance between social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and traditional media, like television and print. I think it would be beneficial to continue the discussion here. After reading this article, feel free to post a … Read More

5ives: Marketing Terms Removed from the Social Media Vocabulary

Brian’s blog comparing Traditional Media and Social Media got me thinking about how social media is shaping not only marketing, but our culture as a whole. Here are five words that social media is removing from the marketing vernacular. 1. Audience Social media creates the opportunity for two-way communication between the brand and the user. … Read More

Crayola Not Just A Box of Colors

In the design world, either print or Web, one of the main mistakes made by designers is the incorrect usage of colors. Bad color schemes can make your marketing materials and Web site look unfriendly and amateurish. This article will identify common mistakes with selecting colors, good color scheme creation and accessibility issues that arise … Read More

Confidentiality is Essential to Marketing Success

Have you noticed an increasing number of companies tagging their email message signatures with 150-word confidentiality disclaimers? While message recipients may see this act as annoying and unneeded, I think it is a good marketing tactic because confidentiality of company information is essential for marketing success. WHAT IS CONFIDENTIAL? Confidential company information may include client … Read More

Corporate Identity Professional Presence Required

Many businesses do not put enough resources into creating, maintaining and improving a healthy corporate identity. Some businesses view their corporate identity as just what customers think about their sales team and people answering telephone calls. This narrow-minded thinking may be cause for loss of sales. Corporate identity is the “persona” of a corporation which … Read More