5ives: Benefits of Creative Direction

I always used to think it was odd that one-man shows had directors, especially when the performers wrote the show themselves. Then one night during a stand-up routine, I bombed, bad. It was an audience mutiny. Luckily, I had a strong mentor at the show, and after...

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The New Absolute Website Design

That's our new site, live and ready for action. After expanding our business to the point where we needed a new office, we caught a bit of the renovation bug. The next thing you know, our office, promotional materials and even our website got a huge makeover. It's...

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Marketing In A Recession

I'm not an economic expert, so I won't attempt to speculate on how long the economy will be in a downturn. However, I can say that we can survive the storm by focusing on the customer. Whether the economy is up or down, you should set budgets with your business goals...

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5ives: Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Dollars

Buy in bulk. When it comes to purchasing media space and time, discounts are given if you promise to run on a set schedule or run a certain number of ads. These price reductions are given by radio and television stations a lot for the peace of mind of not having any...

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Specialty Advertising is Not Marketing

I've decided to write this article in pen to prove a point. Currently, I'm writing with a BIC Bu2 Grip retractable ballpoint pen. It's a simple, black pen. The experiment or goal is to see if I remember the name of this pen by the time I'm done. I should apologize for...

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Marketing Majors: Break into the Industry

I realize it's only February, but this is the time when a majority of college seniors start to feel the inevitable panic that comes with graduation and the need to find a paying gig. Maybe I'm still feeling the love from my Valentine's Day hangover, but since my story...

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