Text Marketing Connects with Convenience

At its core, advertising serves three fundamental components: (1) Deliver the right message (2) to the right person (3) at the right time. With text messaging technology, you can add a fourth fundamental component – to the right device. Gone are the days of three-media marketing (print, tv and radio). In just a matter of … Read More

Small Business Web Sites: The Goals & Basics

At Absolute Marketing Group we design, develop and maintain lots of different types of web sites. Most of the sites that we are involved with are small & medium business web sites. There are many different things to take into consideration when building a web site for a small business, yet in a lot of … Read More

Business Cards: Your 3 1/2 inch Soldier in the Field – Get Noticed

The most overlooked weapon in your marketing arsenal may be your business card. If designed properly, this little 3 1/2 x 2 inch piece of paper will not only let people know how to contact you, it will persuade them to contact you. In order to be effective and get you more business, your card … Read More

How to Build a Successful Brand

Your brand’s value is directly related to your balance sheet – that’s why customer relationships are such a valuable asset. How a customer feels about your products, people and company makes up your brand image. Why is a Strong Brand Valuable? Getting noticed is getting harder. Companies with strong brands get noticed by showing they … Read More

Budgeting Methods for Marketing Promotions

Are you over budget on marketing promotions activities (e.g. advertising, public relations, direct selling and sales promotions) again this month? Maybe it’s time to revisit your budgeting methods to see if there is opportunity for improvement. To get the ball rolling, here are the six most common budgeting methods that I have observed in our … Read More

The MSUM West Acres Kiosk

A recent article about the MSUM kiosk at West Acres. Absolute is glad that we were able to help provide a great mall presence for MSUM with the design of the kiosk. From The Advocate: As part of the new admission’s marketing strategy, MSUM has purchased a kiosk in West Acres Shopping Center. The kiosk … Read More