10 Ways to Ensure your Online Security this Holiday Shopping Season + Bonus Tips!

There are less than 30 days left in the Holiday Shopping season before Christmas – Are you ready? Or are you joining the millions of people staying in this weekend for the busiest online shopping days of the year? Whether you’re staying at home to shop from the convenience of your computer or heading out … Read More

Is Your Creative Missing The Mark?

Reading through a recent article regarding the creative that goes into marketing campaigns, and whether or not it hits the target, I was fascinated by this example: A university whose primary customer is someone looking to advance his/her education beyond the bachelor’s or master’s degree level, i.e. post-graduate focus. The campaign’s initial batch of creative … Read More

Should we do this? Part 3

In Parts one and two of this series, I addressed some important questions about creating or updating your online marketing efforts. The last question you should ask yourself before implementing a new or improved feature of your online marketing or website strategy is “Is this feature or anything associated with it against the law or … Read More

Don’t Forget About Blogging

Many businesses, maybe your own as well, are adopting social media marketing strategies. During this adoption process, you may have learned all about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other social networking opportunities that allow you to get your content out in front of a bunch of fans and followers. Now that you’re all wrapped up … Read More

Should we do this? Part 2

In the first part of this series, I talked in depth about usability and putting your customers first when thinking about your online marketing efforts. In Part 2, I’ll explain the second question you should ask yourself – “Is the time needed to develop, implement and maintain the feature justifiable?” There are a lot of … Read More