Five sure-fire ways to annoy site visitors

Here are five things you ‘could’ do on your site, but they are five things you shouldn’t. Put music on your site that plays automatically – Have you even been at a department store and picked up an item that started playing music? People turn and stare and no matter what the tune is, you … Read More

5ives: Shoestring Marketing

Frankly, I’m getting tired of everyone talking about the recession. Times are tough. Money is tight. Whining about the current situation won’t help your business. Take matters into your own hands and work to improve your business. The best way to generate sales is through marketing. The key to successful marketing is to understand how … Read More

Marketing Tactics on a Shoestring Budget

Absolute Marketing Group has served more than 325 clients in the last 40 months. Regardless of industry, there has always been one constant – a tight budget. Effective marketing doesn’t require large budgets. All too often clients feel they can’t compete because they do not have $100,000 per year to unleash their logo on every … Read More

Who’s Talking About Me? Tools to Monitor Your Brand and Reputation Online

So you’ve jumped into Social Media and are Tweeting, Following and Friending like a Pro. Great. You’re also commenting intelligently on blogs and sending out RT Luv on a regular basis. Fabulous. So – who’s talking about YOU, and what are they saying? If you’re logging directly into Facebook and Twitter, you’re seeing your friends’ … Read More

Client Night Out

Absolute Marketing Group would like to thank everyone who attended our Client Night Out on August 3. It was good turn out and everyone seemed to have a great time. For those of you who were unable to attend, here is what you missed. Gyros.”Beverages”. More gyros. Rain. Sun. Baseball. More “beverages”. It’s always a … Read More

There is Facetube on MyTwitter

As the proliferation of social media continues, it is my job as a marketing professional to stay on top of all this chaos. It takes some adjustment, but when I’m feeling overwhelmed configuring Twitter into Facebook or in a conference discussing viral content for YouTube integration, I ask myself one very simple question.

What would Demi Moore do?

5ives: Branding on Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube provide inexpensive resources for connecting with core members of your target market. While this technology and subsequent marketing strategies are fairly uncharted, it’s important to understand that social marketing has a unique value that is different than any other medium. I graduated in the winter of 2007. … Read More