Absolute Featured in Forum and INFORUM

Absolute Marketing Group recently graced the pages of the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead in a feature business article. The story covers our purpose, infancy and rise in success. Read the entire article here. UPDATE: In case you don’t have a Forum subscription, you can read the article below. Agency offers full-service marketing Absolute puts focus on … Read More

5ives: How Fargo Got To Twitter

Having lived in Fargo for all but six months of my life, I can comfortably say I’ve been around the block once or twice. For those of you outside the area, I should make it known that “been around the block” is just a figure of speech. Fargo has more than one block. For more … Read More

A Writer’s Portfolio: A Book Without Copy

Dear Minnesota State University Moorhead Mass Communications Professors: Please refrain from blacklisting me. You taught me admirably and prepared me for my quest into this treacherous industry. Though I proudly rave about your wisdom and methods, I must recant on an edict you so feverishly drove into me. Print copy is dead. Make your peace … Read More

Fargo’s Resolve Proves Need For New Economic Indicators

If an economist were to look at Fargo-Moorhead during the last few months of 2009, he or she would not expect the economy to be holding. A record snowfall, a flood, a recession and a blizzard during a flood during the recession would appear to cripple any market in the country. All the economic indicators … Read More

Going Against Green

As a marketing gimmick, “Going Green” must be destroyed. People throw around buzzwords like they’re a good thing. Living in Minnesota, where mosquitoes could be the state bird, the term buzz doesn’t conjure up images of trendy hype. To me, buzzwords evoke fury caused by the thought of my three snow-free months being interrupted by … Read More

New Digs

Absolute Marketing has moved. Geographically we didn’t move very far from our spot in Moorhead. In fact, we’re no more than 40 steps away from our original location. But in terms of growth, we’ve moved a long way from our humble 600 sq ft beginnings. The wall we knocked down after our first year to … Read More

WP Greet Box – remind your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed

Today I found a nifty WordPress plugin that gently reminds new visitors to your blog to subscribe to your RSS feed. WP Greet Box shows up when visitors view a post, and even customizes the experience based on where the user arrived from (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You’ll probably notice it directly above this text … Read More

Create an Explore block to display general info about your posts in WordPress

So, how do you get your readers to explore the rest of your blog posts? Maybe you can offer them some more information about the post they’re on, as well as some convenient links to the post(s) immediately following or preceding the post they’re looking at. The magic code, which you’ll want to add into … Read More

5ives: Benefits of Creative Direction

I always used to think it was odd that one-man shows had directors, especially when the performers wrote the show themselves. Then one night during a stand-up routine, I bombed, bad. It was an audience mutiny. Luckily, I had a strong mentor at the show, and after removing my head from his waterlogged bosom, he … Read More