The New Absolute Website Design

That’s our new site, live and ready for action. After expanding our business to the point where we needed a new office, we caught a bit of the renovation bug. The next thing you know, our office, promotional materials and even our website got a huge makeover. It’s better this way for couple of reasons. … Read More

Fargo Moorhead Advertising Firm Recognized at Ad Fed District Competition

Absolute Marketing Group landed twenty-two awards at the Advertising Federation of Fargo-Moorhead’s 2008 ADDY Awards Show held on February 27, 2009. The awards are given for superior creative abilities. This year Absolute Marketing received thirteen gold awards and nine silver awards, more than doubling last year’s total of ten. Only one gold is awarded per … Read More

Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing

Why should you be using email marketing? Email marketing has the uncanny ability to captivate your consumer audience, that’s why! The proof is in the numbers, we’ll be taking a look at the numbers here. According to new research by Epsilon, people who receive a companies permission-based emails are more likely to do business with … Read More

Your Web Site: The Importance of Content Before Design

You’ve decided to have your web site professionally designed and developed. Good decision! Now what? You might already be thinking about the look of your web site or thinking about some cool bells-and-whistles that would be fun to have on your web site. Stop now. First things first – you need to determine what content … Read More

Merry Marketing Blunders

It’s been a week. I can finally start the healing process after two months of Christmas advertising creative cop-outs. I like Christmas, so don’t get ahead of yourself thinking this is some rant by a bitter 20-something because he didn’t get what he wanted. It’s quite the opposite. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown increasingly … Read More