Creating A Slogan

A good slogan says a little about your company or entices people to come by your store. A great slogan positions your business and motivates customers. Slogans are the glue that bonds your marketing campaign together. I have identified the main categories of slogans. Unique – Every slogan should be unique, and most slogans are … Read More

5ives: Spanish Slogan Screw-Up

Language faux pax happens billions of times a day. A word here gets lost in translation and is seen as something a little off color to the culture. It gets pretty embarrassing when it happens to an agency. With Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota being sister cities, these language blunders don’t happen as often, … Read More

Fresh Gourmet Marketing (and other drivel) from Your Local, Quality Agency.

And there you have about 90% of an average agency’s day. Frankly, I’m glad most agencies use such bland, empty words. They call it marketing. I call it job security. People scoff at puns and shun cliches, but I don’t think most businesses realize that using listless language is worse. Clients and business owners, I … Read More

Dear Cell Phone Companies – here’s a free idea

You know those wallet cards you get with your cell phone service that’s a handy reminder of some of the functions you can perform on your phone to do things like check your account balance, voicemail, etc.? In the future, I hope cell phone companies just incorporate that into their software OR, even better, just … Read More

The things you learn, and the things you remember

WordPress is a beast that I love to hate to love. When it works, it works very well, which is 99% of the time. But when it doesn’t, well, then I can usually plan on spending at least 4-6 hours researching why it’s not, and then (most of the time) an hour or so fixing … Read More

IE6, PNGs and Forms – Oh My!

A recent example of a debugging episode with IE6 – We recently discovered that a form on a certain website had mysteriously stopped working in IE7 and Firefox (2 or 3, I don’t know which version) on a PC. More specifically, something was preventing the user from clicking on the form fields and links on … Read More

Method Acting, “As If” Marketing

Sorry Hollywood, I know you’ve had a rough year with the loss of Heath Ledger, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac and most recently, Paul Newman. But seriously, let’s end method acting. Bite the bullet and quit. I apologize to any readers who enjoy literary techniques as I have to refrain from metaphors that could cause harm … Read More

5ives: A Name History

Now that you have some background on how to name a business and have shared your own personal story, check out the history of some of the most famous brand names. Google Google was originally called “BackRub” by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin because of how the search engine utilized “back links.” A year … Read More