North Dakota Young Professionals Recognize Absolute Marketing Group

Absolute Marketing Group is proud to be recognized by the North Dakota Young Professionals, NDYP, as one of the 12 best businesses for young professionals. Absolute Marketing Group was featured based on the average age of employees and professional accolades, namely the remarkable accumulation of ADDY awards for creative excellence at the 2008 FM ADDY … Read More

How to spot a hack

Looking to contract a freelancer? Here’s a few things to keep in mind. 1. Cost. As a general rule, experience and quality cost more, but money shouldn’t be a measure of ability. For example, a lot of very talented and young freelancers charge pennies simply because they want to add to their portfolio and start … Read More

Smile and Nod: Marketing When Clueless.

Originally from Fargo, ND I can’t call myself a city slicker, but I sure felt like one this weekend when I attended the Medora Musical in Medora, North Dakota. As I perused the shops of homemade taffy, embroidered horse sweat suits and Native American themed dream catchers, I couldn’t help but ask myself who would … Read More

Marketing to Your Existing Customers

You’ve spent good money to draw consumers into your business. The designers and marketing professionals you may have worked with talked at length about branding, building and maintaining your company image. At last, droves of customers pile into your business. Now what? To not appear false, your business needs to match the image you worked … Read More

Totally like talking to youth, dog.

At 23, even I feel out of touch with youth culture. But as I sit here on my Mac, drinking a Mountain Dew, watching Cooking with Coolio on YouTube, I’ve had an epiphany of sorts. You can’t outsmart teens. After all, they know it all right? To quote Thomas Jefferson, “At 17 I knew everything…” … Read More

ASSonance: appalled at the amount of ambiguous alliterations in advertising

As far as copywriting tools and tricks are concerned, alliteration is an oldie but goody. Sadly, this technique gets used all too often in all the wrong situations. Alliteration enhances the message. It is not the core of the message. We’ve all seen these terrible uses of alliteration like the “FREAK OUT FRIDAY SALE!” What’s … Read More