Email list churn, and how to avoid it

Your business may have a decent sized email mailing list that you’ve compiled over time. If your business depends on using it’s email list to communicate with your clients or subscribers, you need to know about “email list churn” and how to handle it. What is email list churn? Email list “churn” is losing subscribers … Read More

Preparing Content for Web Site Development

You’ve probably heard stories from a few friends about their Web site not turning out as expected. There are various reasons as to why some people’s expectations aren’t met. In many instances, it’s due to inadequate content preparation and being unable to effectively communicate your vision to your web designer. Putting Web site content before … Read More

The Internship Experience

Being a senior in college, I’ve heard my earfuls on the need to “gain experience.” What is this elusive experience that no college graduate seems to have? How do we gain it and why are so many graduates seemingly unprepared for the “real world”? In search of this experience that seemed so necessary, I applied … Read More

Mention in the Fargo Forum re: ADDY Awards

There was a reference in the Fargo Forum to our ADDY award wins – Groups receive advertising awards The Forum Published Saturday, March 15, 2008 Absolute Marketing Group, Moorhead, was recently awarded seven Gold and three Silver ADDY awards by the Advertising Federation of Fargo-Moorhead. Best of Show honors went to Publication Services of America, … Read More

Is This Possible?

I get asked this question a lot. In the world of web site design and development, clients and prospective clients frequently ask “is this possible?”. This question is almost always related to adding features and functionality to a web site. Most of the time, or actually pretty much all of the time, the answer is … Read More