ASSonance: appalled at the amount of ambiguous alliterations in advertising

As far as copywriting tools and tricks are concerned, alliteration is an oldie but goody. Sadly, this technique gets used all too often in all the wrong situations. Alliteration enhances the message. It is not the core of the message. We’ve all seen these terrible uses of alliteration like the “FREAK OUT FRIDAY SALE!” What’s … Read More

The Forecast for Brainstorms is Partly Cloudy

Companies have used brainstorming sessions as a tool to create “original” marketing ideas for decades. To be original, you must be first. Originality is the mark of an innovative company and is the wind in a successful marketing campaign. However, workplace habits and trends are eroding the benefits of true brainstorming. The forecast for original … Read More

7 Tactics for Driving Traffic To Stores With Email

Posted with Permission – Article By: Chad White RECENTLY AN EMAIL EXPERIENCE COUNCIL member asked me whether retailers should drive sales online or offline with their email marketing. The marketer wanted to drive more store traffic, but wasn’t sure about all the ways to go about doing that. The added concern was that revenue was … Read More

WordPress EventCalendar Patch

I ran across a problem with the WordPress 2.5 plugin EventCalendar where the calendar worked fine, but when you click on a date in the calendar to view the Event post, it would return a Not Found error page. The fix for this is an unofficial patch. Basically two files need to be replaced – … Read More

Twenty Years Later

The year was 1988. America was watching the Huxtables and listening to INXS, bracing themselves for what Guns n Roses would bring. Shoulder padded suits, acid washed jeans and Aqua Net rounded out the remainder of the day. The face of advertising stood in simple and archaic terms by today’s standards. Then, graffiti was used … Read More

Email list churn, and how to avoid it

Your business may have a decent sized email mailing list that you’ve compiled over time. If your business depends on using it’s email list to communicate with your clients or subscribers, you need to know about “email list churn” and how to handle it. What is email list churn? Email list “churn” is losing subscribers … Read More