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Seating for 1000...47 at at time!®

Absolute partnered with JL Beers® when the burger and beer restaurant was founded in 2009. As a new restaurant, JL Beers® was looking to gain recognition in the restaurant industry and build its brand presence by placing a high priority on consistent customer and employee experience. Over the course of the campaign, JL Beers® needs evolved for an integrated marketing approach that utilized web, social media, mobile apps and text messaging while maintaining a neighborhood-centric focus.


Absolute was intensely involved in building the JL Beers® brand from the ground up by helping create a customer engagement strategy and public relations plan. Absolute worked with JL Beers® to develop internal training initiatives and videos to help its managers and employees learn about brand maintenance and message distribution. Externally, Absolute helped write and distribute news releases to raise awareness for the new restaurant. With the help of Absolute’s efforts, JL Beers® became a much-loved brand.


JL Beers® neighborhood-centric focus helped the restaurant grow into a franchise model with a multitude of locations across the Upper Midwest. As this occurred, Absolute developed multiple websites with tailored information for each location and implemented kickstart campaigns to increase brand recognition in new markets. Absolute also created a JL Beers® mobile app called BEER EXPERIENCE™ that functions as an encyclopedia of beers by letting customers know what beer is on tap at each location. JL Beers® commitment to great food and great beer coupled with an effective marketing approach has allowed the franchise to maintain its brand identity as it expands into new markets.