Client Spotlight: NDDOT Williston District

Absolute Marketing Group

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) works with Public Information Coordinators, or PICs, to provide public relations services to assist them with keeping the public informed about road construction in their area and to emphasize safety in construction zones. Absolute was hired this spring to assist NDDOT in their Williston District – the center … Read More

The 5ives: What Do You Think of My Website?

As you would expect from someone with “Advisor” in their title, I’m occasionally asked for my advice on business and marketing plans. While sometimes I get to go full Don Draper and lay out my thoughts in presentation to a client (except with PowerPoint and without cigarettes), more often than not it’s in casual conversation … Read More

The 5ives: Writing For Your Business

How often do you find yourself reading something—a book, a magazine, something on the Internet—and thinking to yourself how well it was written? Something that pulls you in and tells you a complete story that leaves you with a complete understanding of what you just read? It takes talent to write like that—to be able … Read More

The 5ives: Online Advertising

My first job out of college was selling radio at Q98, Fargo-Moorhead’s “Legacy Rock” station, in the early ‘90s. At the time, the majority of advertising dollars spent by businesses were on “traditional” media—TV, radio, print (newspapers, magazines, coupons, etc.), out-of-home (billboards) and the Yellow Pages. While each of those outlets continue to drive sales … Read More

5ives: 5ive Days of Christmas

Having creative produced is one of the most exciting things that results from a client’s relationship with a marketing firm. Seeing the final product for the first time that resulted from hours of meetings, photo/video shoots and initial proofs is somewhat like opening presents on Christmas—you have an idea of what’s there but you aren’t … Read More

Budweiser’s Most Interesting Man

Don Jeanes is many things: animal lover, jujitsu aficionado, handsome Texan, but most notably, he is a working Hollywood actor.  Despite his numerous film and television credits, including his role as American legend Neil Armstrong in the blockbuster film Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Don is most recognized for his role as a manly, yet … Read More