The 5ives: Online Advertising

My first job out of college was selling radio at Q98, Fargo-Moorhead’s “Legacy Rock” station, in the early ‘90s. At the time, the majority of advertising dollars spent by businesses were on “traditional” media—TV, radio, print (newspapers, magazines, coupons, etc.), out-of-home (billboards) and the Yellow Pages. While each of those outlets continue to drive sales … Read More

5ives: 5ive Days of Christmas

Having creative produced is one of the most exciting things that results from a client’s relationship with a marketing firm. Seeing the final product for the first time that resulted from hours of meetings, photo/video shoots and initial proofs is somewhat like opening presents on Christmas—you have an idea of what’s there but you aren’t … Read More

Budweiser’s Most Interesting Man

Don Jeanes is many things: animal lover, jujitsu aficionado, handsome Texan, but most notably, he is a working Hollywood actor.  Despite his numerous film and television credits, including his role as American legend Neil Armstrong in the blockbuster film Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Don is most recognized for his role as a manly, yet … Read More

5ives: Carving Out More Time for Content Marketing

Over the last five years, there’s been a lot of talk about Content Marketing, and as 2014 is fast approaching the actual implementation of this concept is gaining momentum with a greater consumer shift toward useful and convenient digital media. But even with all the buzz, do marketers really know what it means or, better … Read More

5ives: A Producer’s Balancing Act

As a Writer/Producer/Talent Coordinator, I wear multiple hats before, during and after any type of production project. The part played in TV and radio projects is to organize and communicate the pre-production items to the cast and crew, which is kinda like being the ultimate Stage Manager of sorts. From writing the script to getting … Read More

Drinking In the Morning

I didn’t know what I was in for. A speaker on HTML and CSS…sheesh…I don’t know anything about Web code. Guess I should go, huh? This will be interesting. Will I understand anything she’s talking about? I’m a writer. [Crowd holds all laughter.] I also wasn’t aware I was about to experience Ad Fed’s version … Read More