Coming to a Mac near you – Internet Explorer 9

Insiders within Microsoft reveal Internet Explorer 9 for Mac The announcement of Internet Explorer 9 by Microsoft has many users excited about the newest IE experience, but since Microsoft discontinued support for Macintosh computers with version 5.5, Mac users have been left out in the cold. Until now. An inside source at Microsoft recently revealed … Read More

Merry Marketing Blunders

It’s been a week. I can finally start the healing process after two months of Christmas advertising creative cop-outs. I like Christmas, so don’t get ahead of yourself thinking this is some rant by a bitter 20-something because he didn’t get what he wanted. It’s quite the opposite. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown increasingly … Read More

Dear Cell Phone Companies – here’s a free idea

You know those wallet cards you get with your cell phone service that’s a handy reminder of some of the functions you can perform on your phone to do things like check your account balance, voicemail, etc.? In the future, I hope cell phone companies just incorporate that into their software OR, even better, just … Read More