The Forecast for Brainstorms is Partly Cloudy

Companies have used brainstorming sessions as a tool to create “original” marketing ideas for decades. To be original, you must be first. Originality is the mark of an innovative company and is the wind in a successful marketing campaign. However, workplace habits and trends are eroding the benefits of true brainstorming. The forecast for original … Read More

Twenty Years Later

The year was 1988. America was watching the Huxtables and listening to INXS, bracing themselves for what Guns n Roses would bring. Shoulder padded suits, acid washed jeans and Aqua Net rounded out the remainder of the day. The face of advertising stood in simple and archaic terms by today’s standards. Then, graffiti was used … Read More

The Internship Experience

Being a senior in college, I’ve heard my earfuls on the need to “gain experience.” What is this elusive experience that no college graduate seems to have? How do we gain it and why are so many graduates seemingly unprepared for the “real world”? In search of this experience that seemed so necessary, I applied … Read More