5ives: More Angling Analogies to Reel In Web Traffic

Luke Petterson’s most recent article “Does Your Website Have Tentacles?” talks about how to make sure your website is capable of reaching out and bringing in visitors. For this installment of the 5ives, I’d like to keep with the aquatic theme to help give a new perspective on some of the core principles of website … Read More

Rise Above the Fallout After Being Bold Bombs

Here’s the scenario: You developed a gutsy advertising campaign. The highly conceptual creative execution stemmed from a sound, reasonable strategy. Everything looks slick, sophisticated, cool and trendy. The ads runs. The phone calls pour in. The campaign flops. The phone rings again. Instead of a disgruntled member of the public, it’s oversight. They want answers. … Read More

Does Your Web Site Have Tentacles?

Think of your website as a creature in the ocean. Yeah, it’s a weird analogy, but let’s go with it. The ocean is the Internet with vast open waters and unexplored depths. Your website is floating around out there, ready to be found by anybody diving into the ocean. How easy is it going to be for people … Read More

5ives: Tips to Dodge DVR and Advertise on TV in Small Markets

It’s no secret that the television media is changing. Sites like Hulu and the widespread use of DVR have made it more challenging for advertisers to penetrate the viewing audience. National advertisers have the resources to be a little more covert with product placement or other stealth tactics. But in a small market like ours in Fargo, … Read More

One-Off Ads: A Lover’s Quarrel

Simply put, a one-off is an advertisement outside of your annual campaign. Most companies use one-off advertising for special promotions, events, product launches, etc. For example, if I make pizzas and promote my pizzeria as a classic, Italian-style family restaurant, my branding would most likely target women with warm imagery and rich, heart-warming text. If … Read More

Eight Business-to-Business Revelations Exposed by Start-up Marketing Firm

In the past 60 months, our Fargo Moorhead marketing agency has worked on marketing campaigns for 400 businesses. Through the process of helping them plan, design and execute their marketing plans, we have learned valuable business-to-business (B2B) revelations that help us think differently than when we launched Absolute Marketing Group in April 2006. Many of … Read More

5ives: Five Universal Business Lessons Learned Over Five Years

This month, we at Absolute Marketing Group celebrated our fifth year in business. It’s a major milestone for any small business because statistics show if a business can survive for five years, it is likely to survive another five. This installment of the 5ives reflects on five universal lessons we’ve learned from our years in … Read More

Printing Under Pressure. Quick Tips for Quick Runs

OK, hot shot, you need 5,000 brochures in the next 7-10 business days for a trade show in Saskatoon. Your boss says it better be unique, jazzy and cheaper than last year’s. Your move. What are you going to do? The clock’s ticking. First of all, don’t run immediately over to your Publisher Software and … Read More