Intervention: Copywriting in Texting and Social Media

Enough y’all.  I can no longer idly stand by while my fellow Millenials bastardize our language in social media and in text communications. I’m a writer,  which means I probably love wordplay as much as anything else. But don’t let my yearning for the return of the pun or applause for abundant alliteration sway you … Read More

Get Ready for Winter Marketing in July

With the exception of these few weeks of sun, North Dakota weather sucks.  The last thing anyone in Fargo-Moorhead wants to think about is winter and the ominous gray that looms over everything from October through April. From a marketing standpoint, you absolutely must start thinking about all of your advertising executions from October through … Read More

5ives: A Music Marketing Mindset for Your Business

Advertising pays for art. In return, art propels the industry. Often times these artists push not only the limits of artistic expression, but also the way advertisers should think about an audience. Tangent: If you don’t believe there is a symbiotic relationship between art and advertising, explain why the term for “people you’re selling to” … Read More

Marketing Saga of Lady Gaga

I was intrigued to read that 24-year-old Lady Gaga ranked number one in the “Most Creative People in Business” article in the June 2010 issue of Fast Company Magazine. Could Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga) have really expected this amount of fame – this quickly? At this global level – probably not. However, she put … Read More

Your Time is Money?

There is a shift from mass advertising strategies to finely targeted and interactive strategies, according to one of Wall Street’s most influential trackers of the media industry, Lauren Rich Fine, analyst for Merrill Lynch. Fine describes the current state of media planning as a “polarization between targeting and mass reach,” and I think she’s right … Read More

The Right Way to setup a Facebook Fan Page – in 3 Easy Steps

As many people have unfortunately found out, there’s a wrong way to setup a Facebook Fan Page for your business. Case in point: Your business partner uses their personal Facebook Profile to setup a Fan Page for your business. They’re the Creator of that Fan Page, and can grant your Facebook Profile (you) administration rights. … Read More