5ives: It Takes More Than Just a Pretty Face

When you say the words “TV Production,” I get a little giddy. A zing goes through my body and I have visions of glowing lights, camera setups and what else…the director calling action! Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to work on a TV set and work with actors on fun and exciting … Read More

Video Pre-Production. What’s Its Function?

One of the most crucial parts of any video project regardless of its length – be it a 30-second commercial or a 20-minute informative video – is pre-production. This involves a concept, writing a script and storyboarding, or showing the client the potential end product. The creation of a video is usually broken down into … Read More

TV’s Evolution is No Cause for Concern

Nowadays, the question isn’t so much, “what’s on TV?” rather, the question is “what type of TV are you watching?” In the last 50 years, television has gone from a three-station, living room campfire to a portable, consumer-driven entertainment medium. Much like the portable radio and cassette player transformed audio consumption in the ’70s and ’80s,  DVRs … Read More

5ives: Tips to Dodge DVR and Advertise on TV in Small Markets

It’s no secret that the television media is changing. Sites like Hulu and the widespread use of DVR have made it more challenging for advertisers to penetrate the viewing audience. National advertisers have the resources to be a little more covert with product placement or other stealth tactics. But in a small market like ours in Fargo, … Read More

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Surveys show that a growing amount of Americans regard advertising as an annoyance at best. Consumers may have forgotten that it’s advertising that has subsidized news and entertainment for decades providing radio and television content for free. Newspapers and magazines charge for content but the circulation income doesn’t come close to paying for the production … Read More