Client Spotlight: Kreat Coaching and Consulting

Kreat Coaching and Consulting is a new firm in Alexandria, Minnesota started by two experienced life coaches: Jessica Boyer and Sonja Kuhn. Their mission is to help people identify their strengths and reach their full potential by offering life and career coaching for individuals, businesses and schools. Kreat utilizes Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Bio-Individuality … Read More

The 5ives: Making the Most of Every Word

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In Ali’s article “Crafting Content for Short Attention Spans,” she talks about how character limits, content oversaturation, and ever-shortening attention spans are forcing content writers to be more concise and get their message across with fewer words. People are spending less than a minute on a typical webpage, meaning if you want to communicate something … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Selects Emily Karkoska as Writer/Researcher

Absolute Marketing Group

Absolute Marketing Group recently hired Emily Karkoska to take on the duties of writer/researcher. Karkoska has a Bachelor of Science from North Dakota State University where she double majored in management communication and strategic communication, with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in history. As writer/researcher, Karkoska is responsible for posting content to … Read More

Client Spotlight: North Dakota Grain Growers Association

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The North Dakota Grain Growers Association The North Dakota Grain Growers Association (NDGGA) has provided wheat and barley producers throughout the state with education, leadership, information and representation since 1967. They are a member-driven association that partners with the North Dakota Wheat Commission and the North Dakota Barley Council to address domestic policy issues on … Read More

The 5ives: Crafting Social Content

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In Emily’s article this month, she talks about how to write captivating content for your business’ social media channels that will promote your brand, engage with your audience and sell your products or services. With the increasing popularity and widespread use of social media, a brand’s social media profile can now interact with your customers … Read More

Click, Convince, Convert: Writing for Social Media

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Last month one of our client relations interns, Ada Erlandson, wrote an informative piece about recent social media shifts and trends. She referenced statistics from the Pew Research Center that indicated social media in 2015 was used by 90 percent of those between the ages 18-29 and by 35 percent of those 65 and older. … Read More