Digital Advertising Surpasses Traditional Advertising. Here’s What You Need To Know!

Digital Media

This year marks a milestone in the world of advertising. For the first time in history, digital ad spending in the U.S. will exceed traditional ad spending by almost 5%. That may sound like a small increase, but strategists predict $129.34 billion dollars to be spent on digital advertisements this year alone meaning that 5% … Read More

The 5ives: Making the Most of Every Word

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In Ali’s article “Crafting Content for Short Attention Spans,” she talks about how character limits, content oversaturation, and ever-shortening attention spans are forcing content writers to be more concise and get their message across with fewer words. People are spending less than a minute on a typical webpage, meaning if you want to communicate something … Read More

Client Spotlight: Launchboxx

Absolute Marketing Group

Launchboxx is a division of Absolute Marketing Group that specializes in the quickly evolving Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry. We use our creative and technical expertise and knowledge of the UAS industry to develop powerful marketing initiatives that will reach customers and help grow businesses that deal with drones. Launchboxx is the first agency solely … Read More

The 5ives: Precision Targeting with Social Platforms

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In Kira’s article “In a World Full of Choices, Your Business Needs Social Media,” she talks about some of the advantages of advertising on social media. One of the biggest advantages social media offers is in-depth, precise targeting like no other medium. You have the ability to pinpoint an incredibly specific audience both when choosing a … Read More

In a World Full of Choices, Your Business Needs Social Media

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By Kira Ollila: Client Relations Intern  There are approximately 318.9 million people living in the United States and nearly two-thirds of those people are using social media sites. According to Pew Research Center, 90% of those ages 18-29 and 77% of those ages 30-49 use social media. Additionally, it is estimated that people in the … Read More

Networking Within a Network

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Looking at social media as a whole can be a dangerous thing. It’s a big world of information out there that can be tapped into at a moment’s notice. There are the staples in the “biz” like Facebook & Twitter; the titan that is Snapchat; the flailing swimmer I recall fondly known as Vine; and … Read More

The 5ives: Website Design for the Mobile Era

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In Scott’s article “Rethinking Web Design,” he talks about some recent shifts in the world of website design. The latest trends are somewhat oxymoronic in nature. Large visuals and edge-to-edge imagery is incredibly popular at the moment despite the fact that most visitors are viewing sites mobily on a small screen. Designers need to rethink … Read More