5ives: Brand Etiquette – Avoid the Telephone Game.

It’s simple. When you start a new job, you get a handbook of policies or rules to follow. If you didn’t, everyone would make up their own interpretation of what is expected, which generally leads to confusion, chaos and a whole lot of wasted time. It would be like playing a game of telephone: the … Read More

Mind Your Brand Manners

Do your company a courtesy: First, gather up the letterhead, envelopes, proposal sheets, pocket folders and business cards that you use for your daily business. Second, go take photos of your interior and exterior signage and print them out. Next, take screenshots of your website home page and subpages and print them out. Now, spread all … Read More

5ives: The Saga of the Starving Artist & the Dreaded Spec Work

You’re a creative. So you like working for free, right? You’ve probably heard that before. Now that I have your attention, a few years ago I would’ve thought working for free was just for poor musicians. But alas, it’s everywhere; people wanting illustrators, graphic designers and writers to work for free. It’s called spec work. … Read More

5ives: Merch Madness & The Theory of Logonomics

Much like Brian Meckler’s article, “Bottom Line Branding,” I have often wondered, “What truly motivates people to buy or not to buy wearable merchandise with a logo?” I have even discussed the topic with random strangers as my own survey of sorts. So this time I figured I would do some real reconnaissance on the … Read More

Absolute Hires Accomplished Art Director

Moorhead, MN – Absolute Marketing announces the hiring of Art Director, Scott Raffath. Raffath’s well runs deep in the world of marketing and design, having worked as a senior designer and “Evil Genius” for five major advertising, architecture and computer software firms in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Raffath most recently spent five years as a senior designer with … Read More