The Power of the Press Release: Writing to Intrigue the Media

When I was studying Advertising in college, I believed Public Relations was used for covering up the negatives and exploiting the image of a business or public figure; more sensationalism than the facts. But now that I have tangible experiences to draw from, I find that I’m a journalist at heart and my quest for … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Hires Graphic Designer

Moorhead, MN – Absolute Marketing Group announces the hiring of Katie Hamness as a full-time Graphic Designer. Hamness’ responsibilities include: creating and editing graphics for print, online and video, photography and conceptualizing marketing solutions. Currently, Hamness is attending Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) and will graduate in May with a BFA in graphic design and … Read More

5ives: Easy-to-Break Habits with Responsive Web Design

The Web continues to evolve with design in mind. (Hooray.) As designers, or simply web aficionados, we ought to support the advances by changing our thinking when it comes to web design. The prevalence of smartphone browsers and mobile websites spurred the development of responsive web design. It’s up to the designers and developers to … Read More

Printing Under Pressure. Quick Tips for Quick Runs

OK, hot shot, you need 5,000 brochures in the next 7-10 business days for a trade show in Saskatoon. Your boss says it better be unique, jazzy and cheaper than last year’s. Your move. What are you going to do? The clock’s ticking. First of all, don’t run immediately over to your Publisher Software and … Read More

5ives: Ways to Save Money on Graphic Design Costs

Balancing creative impact with media exposure has been a battle in every shop since the dawn of modern advertising. In our industry, we’ve even picked teams – suits versus creatives. It’s no secret that high-end graphic design adds professionalism and polish to any marketing piece. Work of that caliber takes time. And when time equals … Read More

Marketing Saga of Lady Gaga

I was intrigued to read that 24-year-old Lady Gaga ranked number one in the “Most Creative People in Business” article in the June 2010 issue of Fast Company Magazine. Could Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga) have really expected this amount of fame – this quickly? At this global level – probably not. However, she put … Read More

Graphic Designer – Organized Chaos

I’ve been graphic designer for more than a decade and if I’ve learned anything, being organized is critical. As I’ve taken on more and more projects (in size and complexity), organizing the files related to the projects becomes increasingly important. Now, I’m not saying that I always practice what I preach. I’m guilty of sloppiness … Read More

Crayola Not Just A Box of Colors

In the design world, either print or Web, one of the main mistakes made by designers is the incorrect usage of colors. Bad color schemes can make your marketing materials and Web site look unfriendly and amateurish. This article will identify common mistakes with selecting colors, good color scheme creation and accessibility issues that arise … Read More

The Benefits of Professional Web Design & Development

Businesses and organizations face many tough decisions on a daily basis. One of the most important decisions is choosing who will design and develop your website. Common web design/developer choices include: A person within the company who dabbles in web design and believes they can build the web site. A relative or friend of somebody … Read More