The MSUM West Acres Kiosk

A recent article about the MSUM kiosk at West Acres. Absolute is glad that we were able to help provide a great mall presence for MSUM with the design of the kiosk. From The Advocate: As part of the new admission’s marketing strategy, MSUM has purchased a kiosk in West Acres Shopping Center. The kiosk … Read More

Confessions of a Customer-Centered Convert

Hi, I’m Mark Huesman and I’ve let crappy web sites happen. I knew it was wrong when we were doing it, but it felt so good to get it done so fast. I’m not proud of it and I’m looking for redemption; redemption from my clients, redemption from their user experience and redemption from myself. … Read More

Five sure-fire ways to annoy site visitors

Here are five things you ‘could’ do on your site, but they are five things you shouldn’t. Put music on your site that plays automatically – Have you even been at a department store and picked up an item that started playing music? People turn and stare and no matter what the tune is, you … Read More

Your Web Site: The Importance of Content Before Design

You’ve decided to have your web site professionally designed and developed. Good decision! Now what? You might already be thinking about the look of your web site or thinking about some cool bells-and-whistles that would be fun to have on your web site. Stop now. First things first – you need to determine what content … Read More