The Secrets Behind Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is the means of communicating viable messages to an audience through the use of electronic mail (a.k.a. email). The purpose of this type of marketing is to enhance the relationship between the advertiser, and their current or past customers. In some instances it may be used as a tool … Read More

5ives: Spam-a-lot or Camelot? Choose the Fate of Your Email Marketing

Each day I get a plea from the company, ShoeDazzle, to buy the hottest trends in fashionable footwear. This little buzz comes to my iPhone inbox – around lunch time – telling me I have a new email and a reminder to click and save. Now, I have some decisions to make. Either, I could … Read More

Email Marketing Built to Survive Inbox Bankruptcy

Inbox bankruptcy refers to a recent phenomenon whereby people finally decide to purge all their unread email messages due to a feeling of being overwhelmed by how far behind they are in acting on these messages. This means eliminating any cause of clutter and stress. It strikes fear into the hearts of email marketers everywhere, … Read More

5ives: Bad Sending Habits for Email Marketing

We’ve already established that people are starting to hit the reset button on email. It’s probably for the best because I think we all receive notifications about companies we don’t care about or have lost their luster. Personally, email marketing is amazing – when it’s done right. It’s inexpensive, it offers unlimited space and it … Read More

Confidentiality is Essential to Marketing Success

Have you noticed an increasing number of companies tagging their email message signatures with 150-word confidentiality disclaimers? While message recipients may see this act as annoying and unneeded, I think it is a good marketing tactic because confidentiality of company information is essential for marketing success. WHAT IS CONFIDENTIAL? Confidential company information may include client … Read More

Should we do this? Part 3

In Parts one and two of this series, I addressed some important questions about creating or updating your online marketing efforts. The last question you should ask yourself before implementing a new or improved feature of your online marketing or website strategy is “Is this feature or anything associated with it against the law or … Read More

Boycott Microsoft Outlook

Or, if you’re tied to it – maybe you can just help Microsoft fix it – Why is this important? Microsoft is holding back the creativity of the web by forcing web designers to use old, broken, and outdated methods to display and layout their work on the web and in email. We’ve gotten … Read More

Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing

Why should you be using email marketing? Email marketing has the uncanny ability to captivate your consumer audience, that’s why! The proof is in the numbers, we’ll be taking a look at the numbers here. According to new research by Epsilon, people who receive a companies permission-based emails are more likely to do business with … Read More

7 Tactics for Driving Traffic To Stores With Email

Posted with Permission – Article By: Chad White RECENTLY AN EMAIL EXPERIENCE COUNCIL member asked me whether retailers should drive sales online or offline with their email marketing. The marketer wanted to drive more store traffic, but wasn’t sure about all the ways to go about doing that. The added concern was that revenue was … Read More