Absolute Marketing Group Sets the Tone for a Creative Revolution in Downtown Fargo

Fargo, ND – Just like the bustling streets of major cities like Liverpool, Paris, Chicago and New York, Absolute Marketing Group rounds out the brilliance on Broadway…downtown Fargo that is. This prolific group of artists, marketing moguls and Web experts have something special to offer: the undeniable desire to reach new levels for their clients, … Read More

5ives: It Takes More Than Just a Pretty Face

When you say the words “TV Production,” I get a little giddy. A zing goes through my body and I have visions of glowing lights, camera setups and what else…the director calling action! Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to work on a TV set and work with actors on fun and exciting … Read More

Drinking In the Morning

I didn’t know what I was in for. A speaker on HTML and CSS…sheesh…I don’t know anything about Web code. Guess I should go, huh? This will be interesting. Will I understand anything she’s talking about? I’m a writer. [Crowd holds all laughter.] I also wasn’t aware I was about to experience Ad Fed’s version … Read More

5ives: Brand Etiquette – Avoid the Telephone Game.

It’s simple. When you start a new job, you get a handbook of policies or rules to follow. If you didn’t, everyone would make up their own interpretation of what is expected, which generally leads to confusion, chaos and a whole lot of wasted time. It would be like playing a game of telephone: the … Read More