Digital Advertising Surpasses Traditional Advertising. Here’s What You Need To Know!

Digital Media

This year marks a milestone in the world of advertising. For the first time in history, digital ad spending in the U.S. will exceed traditional ad spending by almost 5%. That may sound like a small increase, but strategists predict $129.34 billion dollars to be spent on digital advertisements this year alone meaning that 5% … Read More

The Battle of Writing for Reality

My dreams of being a writing wizard and poet have been put to good use in the marketing industry these past few years with development of TV and radio commercials, creating lyrics for original jingles and writing ads, brochures and websites. And like many writers, the challenge is generally not what to say, but how … Read More

Exploiting the Past, Present and Future when Media Planning

As the dawn of the New Year has swiftly emanated, reflections of the past shine bright. When working on media placement for a magnitude of clients, it’s important to consider what’s been done in the past. We  need to ask ourselves: What’s worked well in previous years? What hasn’t worked well? What type of content … Read More

5ives: A Producer’s Balancing Act

As a Writer/Producer/Talent Coordinator, I wear multiple hats before, during and after any type of production project. The part played in TV and radio projects is to organize and communicate the pre-production items to the cast and crew, which is kinda like being the ultimate Stage Manager of sorts. From writing the script to getting … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Places Fall Interns

Fargo, ND – Client Relations Interns, Katie Worral and Darius Montazemi, have been selected to assist Absolute Marketing Group this semester. Worral is a NDSU Public Relations and Advertising major slated to graduate May 2014, and Montazemi is a NDSU Marketing major, also studying Entrepreneurial Studies through UND, set to graduate this December. The Interactive … Read More

5ives: Brand Etiquette – Avoid the Telephone Game.

It’s simple. When you start a new job, you get a handbook of policies or rules to follow. If you didn’t, everyone would make up their own interpretation of what is expected, which generally leads to confusion, chaos and a whole lot of wasted time. It would be like playing a game of telephone: the … Read More