Javascript, Like Grandma Makes

Delicious thoughts run through my mind when the phrase from scratch precedes anything that may possibly end up in my stomach. It immediately conjures up memories from my childhood days spent at my grandparent’s house. Visiting was always a little boring at first. They didn’t have the newest Nintendo game cartridges, they lived on Northern … Read More

5ives: JavaScript. It’s Not a Play About Coffee.

And the topic for this month’s blog is…drumroll please…JavaScript. SFX: Crickets. I got nothin’. The End. Okay, okay…I’m sure I have something to offer on this intensely awesome topic. Just focus. Mmmmkay…it’s pretty much just organizing information. Everybody needs that, right? I do that every day as a writer. Taking abstract ideas and piles of information … Read More

Matt Anderson Promoted to Art Director

Moorhead, MN – Absolute Marketing Group announces the promotion of Matt Anderson to Art Director. Anderson’s new responsibilities include: supervision of all graphic design elements in print, video and web, print management and conceptual creative development. Having a creative eye for media, Anderson studied graphic arts at M State and has been working at Absolute … Read More

Take Advantage of Responsive Web Design

If you haven’t heard about responsive web design, it’s time to start paying attention. What is it? Responsive web design is a method of developing a website that allows the site to detect what type of browser the visitor is using or what size browser window the visitor is using, and then: Morph the overall … Read More

Absolute Launches Energy Summit Website

Absolute is excited about the launch of The State of Energy Summit 2011 website. Hosted by The Chamber, the summit attracts the best and brightest in the energy sector. Absolute Marketing Group worked closely with The Chamber this past month to pull the website and other elements together. The result is an event that promises … Read More

Why Blog?

Need a low-cost Web presence? You might want to consider a blog. Blog. It’s an Internet buzzword/phenomenon. Google the word “blog” and you’ll get over two billion results returned. Everyone’s talking about them, and it seems everyone’s got one. But what good are they to your small business or organization? You might be surprised to … Read More

The Benefits of Professional Web Design & Development

Businesses and organizations face many tough decisions on a daily basis. One of the most important decisions is choosing who will design and develop your website. Common web design/developer choices include: A person within the company who dabbles in web design and believes they can build the web site. A relative or friend of somebody … Read More