Absolute Marketing Group Hires Brian Jorvig as Marketing Advisor

Absolute Marketing Group has hired Brian Jorvig as a Marketing Advisor. Jorvig has more than a decade of experience with local and national clients and his expertise includes website optimization, content strategy and branding. The addition will expand Absolute’s regional reach and add to their team of expert strategists. A native of Woodbury, MN, Jorvig … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Places Fall Interns

Fargo, ND – Client Relations Interns, Katie Worral and Darius Montazemi, have been selected to assist Absolute Marketing Group this semester. Worral is a NDSU Public Relations and Advertising major slated to graduate May 2014, and Montazemi is a NDSU Marketing major, also studying Entrepreneurial Studies through UND, set to graduate this December. The Interactive … Read More

Tailored Photography & the Sweet Taste of Technology

To stand out in a world where a sea of messages are screaming for attention can sometimes be a tall order. The digital age has empowered the average Joe with the ability, although amateur, to create their own messaging and elements in an attempt to get noticed. Technology has not only empowered amateurs, but has also made professionals more … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Names Summer Interns

Fargo, ND – NDSU Public Relations graduate, Alice Arentson, and UND Communications graduate, Samantha Pfingsten, have been chosen as Client Relations interns with Absolute Marketing Group. Matthew Sullivan will be assisting as a Web intern and is currently a NDSU junior pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Science. For more information about internships with Absolute Marketing … Read More

Mind Your Brand Manners

Do your company a courtesy: First, gather up the letterhead, envelopes, proposal sheets, pocket folders and business cards that you use for your daily business. Second, go take photos of your interior and exterior signage and print them out. Next, take screenshots of your website home page and subpages and print them out. Now, spread all … Read More

5ives: The Saga of the Starving Artist & the Dreaded Spec Work

You’re a creative. So you like working for free, right? You’ve probably heard that before. Now that I have your attention, a few years ago I would’ve thought working for free was just for poor musicians. But alas, it’s everywhere; people wanting illustrators, graphic designers and writers to work for free. It’s called spec work. … Read More

Absolute Marketing Group Gears Up to Run for Change


Fargo, ND – July 6, 2012 was a sad day for many in our region and for Absolute Marketing Group. A sad day because we lost long-time friends Allison, Aaron, Brielle and unborn baby Deutscher in a car crash caused by a drunken driver. This tragedy reminds our community that, together, we have the power … Read More